Missionaries of a sort…

Rick and I have been talking about ‘missionaries’. I went to a Bible College, now a University and know many who went in to mission programs around the world. In fact we used to tell someone who aggravated us that we hoped God would call them to Africa. It was a far away place and it seemed a reasonable distance to not be bothered with whatever the nonsense was at the moment. Then I grew up!!! Many friends were called to Africa, South America, China, Europe, the middle east. They gave up their lives to Christ to dedicate themselves to ministry of the Gospel of Christ…where He called them. Some of them come back to the states every few years, but once they’re here, they can hardly wait to get back to ‘their’ people. Even those with children who have gone to other mission fields or stayed in the states, they still desire wholeheartedly to be in the place where God has called and placed them.

I’m crying now…we had a mission and thought we were taken out of our service to God by our circumstances. A major stroke and colon cancer for Rick, Lyme disease, spinal stenosis and a bad knee for me, seemed to make our future service questionable. We have a new MISSION and we have just come to recognize it within the last few days. How did we miss it? We were always active and social in ministry; teaching, writing, singing and participating in many different ways while we were able physically. This is a whole different tact and we did not see it until now.

Heavenly Father thank You for Your gracious calling and Your patience while we ‘came to’…

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