Facing the storms of life and nature gives Flux Capacity…


Flux- noun  1. the action or process of flowing or flowing out. 2. continuous change, changeability, variability, inconstancy, fluidity, instability, unsteadiness, fluctuation, variation, shift, movement, oscillation, alternation, rise and fall, seesawing, yo-yoing

From the movies we have heard of a ‘flux capacitor’. What that means is it can take anything available and change it into what is needed and necessary to continue. I like that concept especially after having been through some storms of nature.

Disaster- noun 1.a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life. 2.Catastrophe, calamity, cataclysm, tragedy, holocaust; accident, an event or fact that has unfortunate consequences

October 31 of 2014 my young 64 year old husband had a major brain stem stroke. He lived, when the neurologist didn’t think it was going to happen. Months later when we went to his office, he was surprised that Rick could walk, let alone stand. But we carry on with what we have and we work in ‘flux’ to gain what is not there yet. He does swallow now, not well, but working it daily and has had the ‘pour in feeding tube’ removed early this year after almost 2 years. We, meaning me, poured 8 cans of liquid nutrition in the tube 4 times a day. In September of 2015 my not so well 65 year old now had a foot of his colon removed because of cancer. Because the margins were clear all around he did not have to have chemo, but spent almost a month in the hospital (28 days, it wasn’t February!) So now we come to another ‘natural’ disaster. I love to garden. Over a year ago I was ‘tick’ bit AND ended up with Lyme disease. This is the short version of how we come to THE ‘natural disaster’ and the flux capacity.

Without our faith in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit we would be buried alive in sorrow and depression. This last week has been another natural disaster, but we have shared it with many, many others. Two weeks before, hurricane Harvey decimated the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. This week we who lived in the path of hurricane IRMA, here in the U.S., are trying to gain our equilibrium, but several of the small islands have been entirely destroyed and had to be evacuated completely. While I am writing this the people of the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico are taking another hit from hurricane Maria. Jose wasn’t much of a bother, for which we thank God.

We have lived in Florida many years (close to 37). We lived through Charley, Francis and Jean in a sequence of every other week. Andrew, Ivan, Wilma and Frederick not quite as bad for us mid-state as for others on the east and west coasts. We have a comparison memory and really didn’t need the weather channel to tell us that this IRMA was a raging bull by comparison to a new born calf. We lived without power in one of the 2004 storms for about 12 hours and another for about 5. We were both younger and healthier.

Charley made the biggest mess. Two weeks later Frances, not so much and Jeanne two weeks later, there was not much trash left to blow around. Today September 20, 2017, there is trash (trees, shingles, tiles, metal siding) galore and more in every view, every trip around town. One block away there is a giant tree that fell directly between 2 homes. You can’t see the homes for dead foliage covering the view, but the tree didn’t damage the homes. Others were not so blessed. We have friends who 10 days later, still have no power. Small pockets of 12-20 homes are still without electricity, but their area wiring is having to be rebuilt from scratch.

How do you survive? I don’t know. It does affect everyone, but the best thing to help with your own recovery is to be Jesus to others. Do something that will help the other one. This morning I baked cookies for our mechanics family who have been without power 10 days already. His wife is a teacher and the kids are back in school, so for the daytime hours they will get some relief. We pray for them, but we DO something for them.

Our neighbors took their 3 small boys to Virginia for the duration, but sent a friend to bring us battery operated fans and lights. Which, when our power came on, we gave them to someone else, until they were given a generator, so then they gave the fans back and the fans were passed on to someone else.

Our faith in God’s goodness in all things has not really wavered, although I must admit the skyward glance and conversation (short on both parts) “You are kidding, right?” Keeping a kind heart and a kind word always ready is the best way to survive. Those around us are suffering too. Even without a ‘disaster of nature’, everyone is dealing with something. I deal with it by writing, telling a joke, working until I can’t move, digging in the dirt, buying a flower for the porch and then there is always the trusty ‘nap’.

During the night of the ‘eye of the storm’, I sat up and prayed…everyone we know and don’t know was interceded for in the dark howling storm. Those in authority in government, the peace of Israel, the Korean situation…all our friends and family who are lost without a relationship with Jesus, those whose health is not good, those suffering lose of a loved one…y’all got prayed for! It was a vicious and long storm. I also prayed for less damage to personal property. It is a mess, but God again has provided those who ministered to us. We had folks deliver some food. We had a place to go for refuge, but on the way were called to let us know the power was back. Someone fixed our roof and the broken window in the storage shed. AND we are safe. I am tired, but mostly that’s pretty normal, so I am grateful still for God’s faithfulness in providing ‘flux capacity’. Nap time now!

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