Are you rich enough…

…to Live Forever?

It’s been a very rough week for me. The cartilage in both my ears has swollen until the ear canal is almost closed. AND is very painful. The last dose of Advil (3 gelcaps) were served with a glass of wine before bed last night so I could sleep. I’m not fond of wine, although not necessarily anti-wine. (I have some in the house.) I did do a lot of whining. Monday when I woke up my right ear felt like a nasty bug had bit me or a boil of some kind had made it’s home. Wednesday the left ear started. No sinus problems or sore throat, just the ears. I hear fine, but the sides of my head are still blazing. I took 2 aspirin a few minutes ago.

Here’s the scoop, I really don’t like to leave my sweetheart alone, so last night as I was contemplating going to the Urgent Care I ended up taking the drastic measures mentioned above…this morning the Urgent Care was open at 8am, I was 3rd in line. I left Rick home alone eating his breakfast. In the exam room waiting for the doctor, I looked up and caught sight of a magazine, (don’t remember the name) and this was the title of content of importance… “Are you rich enough to live forever?” I think I got an earache JUST so I could read that!

I am going to live forever and I don’t have to worry about $$$$$! Our Father gives us our daily bread (provision) and when I die, and I will as you will, I will live forever with Him and all those loved ones of His and mine who have gone on before. Sometimes I am tempted to worry about $, but then I see God’s hand at work. No charge for the walk-in today, (medicare). Then at the pharmacy, the antibiotic ear drops were going to be $186…but ended up being $43 with my GoodRx discount. Earlier this week I had to get some cash out and took it out of the savings since payday is still a week away. After stopping at the grocery store using my debit card to pay for the groceries, I find that the clerk at the bank had taken the $50 out of my checking instead of savings and I was down to $10 and a few cents, but not overdrawn. Whew! We got gas in the van on June 9-it’s July 22 and I still have a quarter tank. It always amazes me, ‘that provision’ at just the right time, not too much, not to little, just right! It’s so much more than most of the world and we are so grateful.

YES, I can say that we ARE rich enough to live forever. We live in God’s grace and favor. Thanks be to God for His great Love, mercy and daily provision!

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