Strange diseases…

I have seen often posts on Facebook of people who face diseases or maladies that are not visible to the eye. Some are noticeable because of walkers or wheelchairs. Others may look very normal and still have something they deal with everyday. Since I myself am now among the many with a disease that cannot be seen, my attitude is still rather strict.

I make myself do what I don’t feel like doing, usually. Well, this week I’m giving myself some grace and mercy, although keeping up with the bare necessities. Lyme has raised it’s ugly head and I have been in constant pain since Monday, today is Friday. Aspirin and Advil don’t really stop the pain, just dulls it a bit. If I sleep (if I can get to sleep) it does help some. I don’t know enough about this ‘tyrant’ called Lyme, but it seems to have a life of it’s own in my body. I know 2 people who are dear to me who have had Lyme and been misdiagnosed for such a lengthy period that they are at their wits end and broke trying to get fixed. The bacteria is relentless and at this point cannot be killed in the body. They have found a way to kill it on a ‘slide’ in the lab, but it doesn’t work in the body so far.

I try to pray, but get distracted by the pain. Trying odd things to make it better, but no go so far. I know that God is with us. Both Rick and I wonder about God’s purpose in our circumstances. We are grateful for His provision, His children who come to visit, who help us with odd errands and for all the prayers that go up for us day by day.

This week I wanted to seriously retype our prayer list. It is lengthy and so many needs I can’t even categorize them and get them on one sheet single spaced; marriages gone awry, cancer, Lyme, heart problems, aging problems, financial, loved ones who do not Jesus as their Savior, missionaries around the world, families in times of testing with children or parents, dealing with loss of a loved one, loneliness, those in hospice, and the list goes on. Our circumstances seem minimal to me. We have a roof over our head, no one is going to kill us for our faith yet, we have a good church home and a family that cares for us.

I pray that our perseverance in the face of these small issues of ours, we will still give testimony to our trust in God and bring Him glory with our daily walk. Keep us in your prayers. Some days are better than others. This one has not been.

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One Response to Strange diseases…

  1. Deacon Rick says:

    My heart breaks for my dear wife suffering in this ugly pain. OBK come to order. Time to pound on the doors of Heaven some more. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of David, as you did so many times before, for so many others. have mercy on us. The one you love is HURTING.

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