A syncopated life…

syn·co·pate – verb
past tense: syncopated; past participle: syncopated
  1. displace the beats or accents in (music or a rhythm) so that ‘strong beats become weak‘ and vice versa.

    Rick loves jazz. He can knock out perfectly a 5/4, 11/4 or 13/4 signature without a hitch. Well he used to. He has interviewed Count Basie, Maynard Ferguson and Stan Kenton. He was a DJ at a radio station, working nights when we met. I loved the music, couldn’t keep the beat. I can’t even clap a decent 3/4.

The past couple days I have been thinking about syncopation. It’s not the norm. Most of life and music has a regular rhythm. Our hearts better not be beating in syncopation or we are in serious trouble physically. That’s how you end us on medication and having a ‘pacemaker’ installed. It made me consider ‘the stroke’. There is a disconnect or damage from the head to the body. The rhythm gets messed up, and ‘it ain’t purdy’ like jazz. When there is damage between the head and the body, the body does not function or communicate in unison, proper rhythm or coordination. The example I have before me daily; Rick’s tear ducts dried up, his sinus’ won’t quit running, his swallow is still faltering, he can no longer touch type, speech is impaired (although the pipes are still there when he pushes the air into his conversation), his gait is weak and halting and he has a runaway pendulum in his head. “Strong things became weak”.

The same is with the body of Christ. When there is damage between the head, Jesus Christ and His body the church; things don’t work in unison. Our rebellion along life’s way has a way of  ‘syncopating’ our behavior. It’s called ‘doing it my way’. That doesn’t really work in God’s economy. It’s like singing a congregational hymn syncopated or too fast or too slow. Or praying the Lord’s prayer syncopated, without unity with the rest of the body present. The unity and unison of worship within the body seems disconnected, at least to those who are around us. That may be just my opinion because God is listening to each of us and in all of the worship throughout the world on any given time zone or day, but He is the head we are the body.

I don’t know how we get healed spiritually or physically. If we continue to do things the same, we get the same results. If we don’t do what we know to do to change our circumstances, we are stuck in a syncopation that is not going to change, and it will keep us off balance. I pray that when I am not working in the rhythm with the headship of Jesus Christ in my life, He will give me a loving and gentle nudge to get in unison with His purposes.

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