Weaned from this world…

What do I need and what is just ‘stuff’? During Lent this year a cousin spent much time and thought disposing of ‘stuff’, things that had piled up and were no longer used. Since our circumstances have been severely altered through the past almost 3 years, I look daily for anything that helps to simplify our daily life. Little by little some things have gone. Big things like Rick’s feeding tube and small things like wound dressings that no longer are needed. Even in the past few days, we gone from needing 5 or 6 cases of bottled water a month to a counter top water processor to make alkaline water. Way, way better than cases of water. Open the tap, and it comes out without chlorine or floride and gives us clean clear filtered alkaline water. All the heavy lifting and twisting off lids is GONE! My wrists and hands are happy. I am sure the friends who has picked up water cases for us, out of their love and kind hearts, are also glad that now they visit without labor. They have so willingly labored for us and we are so very grateful.

As I look around, there are many things we no longer use or need…an occasional trip to the Salvation Army store with a load is on the agenda, almost weekly. Memories are valuable, but saving every little piece of paper and card can become overwhelming. We don’t take any of our ‘stuff’ with us when we this place (earth). What do we actually need? Think about the refugees who leave everything in hope of a better life. They take only what they need and walk off into an unknown future. Most of them make a life again and begin to gather ‘stuff’. I don’t want anything that will hold me here when my time comes, no desire for ‘stuff’ can keep me from rejoicing in that glorious day. I want to be fully weaned from this world and I’m starting now.

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One Response to Weaned from this world…

  1. Sharon Simpson says:

    I am also trying to do this. Thanks for posting this. It inspired me to keep going on this project.

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