Bread on the water…

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6
Cast your bread upon the waters…

This odd scripture has fascinated me, for a lifetime…you never know where that bread is going to end up. You just do what you can and somehow it makes sense in the end. As Rick and I talked at lunchtime about it today, it again set me thinking and pondering . I know that Jesus is the ‘bread of life’ but He is also the ‘river of life’ flowing out of us.

Verse 1 talks about casting the bread on the water, verse 2 about giving to others because we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Then verse 3 gets weird and talks about rain falls when the clouds are full and it doesn’t matter where or how the tree falls in the woods, it will lie right where it falls. (seems common sense to me) Verse 4 tells me that idle dreaming will cause you to not gain a crop (be poor if you don’t work). Then verse 5, tells me Solomon thought long and hard about the creation of human beings and the miracle of birth, seriously. Verse 6 is right up my alley…I sow seed and don’t know which seeds will take and grow, but I do it. In the end, the bad gets tossed into the compost and the harvest gets shared with my neighbors and friends. Which brings us back to verse ONE.

Cast your bread on the waters…the water  may look like a stream that went underground and the bread has disappeared, but it may have actually only temporarily gone underground, then on to a deep well or spring, and on to a river and then to the oceans. This is all a metaphor to me of our witness for Christ. We put it out there, toss it on the water so to speak, where it goes we don’t know, but we do it. We keep doing it. One day we will see what God has done in the secret places. In the womb of this world, He may be creating something that will bring a bountiful harvest of souls for His glory. We must remain faithful to ‘cast it on the waters’…

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2 Responses to Bread on the water…

  1. Deacon Rick says:

    More than we ca understand or control.

  2. LouellaTaylor says:

    What an in-depth metaphor of “Bread on the Water”.
    Might be another book for you.
    It blessed my soul with a soul searching challenge.
    Thank you,

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