Water blogged…

It’s been awhile since I blogged. I haven’t been hearing/listening well, unfocused and blaming circumstances for my lack of obedience. I recall that Mother Theresa of Calcutta said she heard God speak clearly and obeyed, but felt like she never heard His voice again as clearly.

I’m no Mother Theresa. Still although God has not been silent, I have not been listening well. Today was a wake up call. We actually woke up late. I’m blaming it on the cold…only 49 degrees in Florida this morning as I took out the last bit of recycling trash. BUT, before I got up, the days schedule ran through my mind. Make ice! Top on the list. Rick eats ice all day long. It’s how he re-learned how to swallow and it keeps him hydrated. In the back of my head a little voice said, ‘check the plug’. Then I went back to sleep and ended up in a hurry to get things started.

As I poured the first of four 23.7oz bottles of water into the ice maker, it drained right out onto the counter, into the utensil drawer, the cabinet beneath and the floor. I was able to get the plug back in, but had a real mess, which normally would have made me upset for the whole day, BUT I realized God had clued me and I didn’t obey. Everything cleaned and dried, Rick eating breakfast and we come to the devotional from Our Daily Bread, entitled “Spilling thru my Fingers”! HA, God’s sense of humor! She spilled a glass of water and realized no matter how tightly she cupped her fingers, only about a tablespoon of the water was left in the palm of her hand.

Copying –  “My life feels similar on many days. I find myself scrambling to solve problems, oversee details, and control circumstances. No matter how hard I try, my feeble hands are incapable of managing all the pieces and parts. Something invariably slips through my fingers and pools on the floor at my feet, leaving me feeling overwhelmed. No amount of contorting my hands or squeezing my fingers more tightly together makes me able to handle it all. YET GOD CAN!. Isaiah 40:12 tells us that God can measure the globe’s waters—all the oceans and rivers and rain—in the hollow of His hands. Only His hands are large enough to hold them all. We needn’t try to hold more than the tablespoon He’s designed our hands to carry. When we feel overwhelmed, we can entrust our cares and concerns into His capable hands.”

We can trust God to handle the things that overwhelm us.

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