It is not good…

The entire first chapter of Genesis, God says ‘let it be’ and then says at least 5 times ‘and God saw that it was good’. The second chapter verse 18, He has created a man and says, “It is not good that the man should be alone”. He continues, it is recorded, “I will make him a helper fit for him.” Lest anyone believe God did not know this was going to be a problem for a man to live in solitude with creation we have the following scriptures, one Old Testament and one New…there are more, but these will suffice. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew thee,” and … in Ephesians 1:4, “For in Him God chose us before the foundation of the world,”

There was only one man who could be alone well, Jesus, but He chose not to live alone. He lived in community. He didn’t even die alone. I think God knew what He was doing, don’t you? In solitude our minds wander and get us into all kinds of trouble. We listen to the wrong thoughts and have no defense because our reasoning is within ourselves and WE DON’T KNOW IT ALL! We can’t see a moment from now, let alone the results of our thoughts and actions. Even when Jesus was not with His disciples or a crowd, He was in communion, relationship with His Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. Why do we believe we can live without consultation and communion with others?

Our first relationships are normally in family. Parent(s) siblings, schoolmates…are among those who make the biggest impression on us. When God set about to make a ‘helper’ for Adam, there was a reason. Fair enough, that became a disaster, but what if Adam had been alone, where would we be today? We wouldn’t. God had a plan, it isn’t changed because of our choices and circumstances. Read the end of the book. He will carry it through. In the meantime, help one another. Be kind and understanding. Do what needs to be done with a willing heart. Look for ways to be a ‘helper’. Yes God was talking about bringing ‘Eve’ into creation, but we are all in need of a ‘helper’. Jesus is our HELPER and He sends along side the HELPER of the Holy Spirit and the HELPER of those around us. God bless the ‘HELPERS”!!!

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