Finding myself in a fix between ‘seeing and observing’ and ‘hearing and listening’.  Mostly I think of therapy for my spiritual self in terms of ‘listening to worship music’ or reading devotional materials and of course scripture, to encourage my heart to focus on the things of the Lord. My other therapy, ‘physical’, is ‘observing the garden’ and it’s growth, which really has nothing to do with me.  I plant seed, weed, water and it grows. How it grows is the mystery of God’s creation. We do get to eat the ‘fruits of the labor’ I put in. First there is prepping the ground. That takes work, hoeing and mulching, bending over, pulling the tough ones. It keeps me agile, well more agile than I would otherwise be. But the reward of the ‘fruit of the labor’ is worth the sore muscles. And seeing the result gives me great joy and makes it worth the effort. Sometimes the seed doesn’t take, but I try again. Hoping to have mastered the spinach this year. In years past I have planted it too close together and it gets bound up with it’s neighbor and doesn’t get very big, just prolific. We’ll see soon enough. And then there are the tomatoes, 6 feet tall with some blossoms, but so far only 3 not so big tomatoes. When we lived elsewhere they must have just loved the spot where they were planted because they were prolific. But I’m not going to give up. Maybe next round I’ll try a different soil mix and different tomato.

Rick has downloaded lots of gardening programs for me from England, Australia and America. The climates are variables which must be ‘observed’. Florida is hot and humid and if you are so inclined (I am) has 2 very good seasons, October and February plantings. Summer is too hot for most things. In England they must take care for the sea salt, the wind, cooler, even cold temperatures, but they have beautiful gardens and wonderful ‘fruits of their labor’. In Australia the climate tends to be more dry and hot. It takes a huge amount of ‘observing and listening’ to the experts who have found the way to make things grow there. They also enjoy the ‘fruits of their labor’ as they listen and observe and put in to practice.

All of life is ‘therapy’. What happens as we work our program, can be ‘observed’ if we are ‘listening’ and putting into practice the ”fruit of our labor’  and followed the program.

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