‘Prayer’ is on my mind…

It’s a Thursday morning and I woke with the song called ‘The Prayer’. It’s been done by several artists since it was written. Although I like to sing, this song is out of my range, except in my heart and around the house. Prayer is conversation with God. That means we don’t do all the talking. He may ask us to be a part of the answer. We have a very long list of folks that we ‘mention’ before the Lord each day, some we spend a bit more time on because of their considerable trial in this life. Some folks lives with moment by moment intense attention focus on the needs of an ill child, spouse, or family member. They have our heartfelt prayers. It is amazing how much compassion one feels for others going through familiar circumstances. Some of these circumstances are life long, as in a handicapped child or aging loved ones. The daily emotional and physical wear and tear is tremendous.  How should we then pray?

Our country is in serious need of prayer. The world around us is tense and peace is being pushed aside by anger and rebelliousness. I can’t even focus on it. We pray! I get snip-ets of news, but avoid the angry formats. Who really wants that emotion running around in your psyche and body? It saps all the energy and joy out of life in it’s constant agitation. How should we then pray?

Matthew 6 gives us not only what and how to pray, but the standard by which we should live out our prayers in faith without anxious thought. Our God is able and our need is great!

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