Not romantic or riotous, but realistic…

I want to start with a disclaimer. I do not intend to base this particular ‘blog’ post on my deep faith in Christ or a lifetime of acquired knowledge of Holy Scripture. I am not a theologian nor am I interested in becoming one.

I am 68 years old. I stayed out of the political fray. I did however mention that a good ‘hosing’ from a fire hose would help disperse the unwanted rioting and destruction of personal property. I remember the riots in Detroit as a teenager and water works better than bats, guns, gas, etc. Yes, you still get stung, but you move out of the fray, and that very quickly.

In the 90’s I owned a Bridal Shop. I worked 12-18 hours a day, invested money, ours and borrowed and I loved it. One night in the middle of the night the alarm went off. We lived 4 blocks away and were there in a jiffy. Someone had thrown a brick through the window and tried to grab the gown off the mannequin. They didn’t know how heavy she was obviously, but the mannequin and the dress and the window were damaged beyond repair. The police came. We had to find a glass company to come out in the middle of the night and cover the hole where the large plate glass window had been. That is minor thing compared to what is going on now. Destruction of another persons property is nothing more than WRONG! It’s not just the time, blood, sweat and tears, but the dreams of a life worth living that is destroyed. What does insurance pay on this kind of destruction? What does this do to the heart of the person?

In 1998, 2 yes TWO Bridal warehouses opened in Tampa. If we did not sell about 20 wedding gowns in January, we were not going to make any money in that year. We sold 7. Did I go to Tampa and break their windows and burn them out? No, but I did refuse to do the alterations on gowns purchased there. You can just drive back over those 40 miles and have them done at the place of purchase. It was my way of protest. I had a decision to make. Borrow $11,000 and stay open until my lease was up or pay the $12,000 and quit. I borrowed the money and finished out all the weddings on tap. Worked almost 2 years out of my home to finish.

I did not get rich in business, not because I wasn’t willing to work, but because there were bigger dogs out there. So, I sewed for years, then I started writing Christian Romance and ‘Theological’ books. Might as well use my brain. An education in English and a lifetime of serving Jesus shouldn’t be wasted.

My point…you protest with your vote and if you don’t like it, move on or out, but don’t destroy your neighbor, your family, your friends, your relationships by burning them down and out! The jails are full of people who can’t abide a law. Don’t become lawless just because you can’t have it your way all the time. It’s not about you…there are many good, kind, caring, hardworking, giving people who are suffering because lawlessness seems to reign.

I am done now.

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One Response to Not romantic or riotous, but realistic…

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Well said, Melanie. I couldn’t agree with you more. Too bad more people don’t feel the same way we feel.

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