Today is the first day after the ‘second year anniversary’ of the stroke, that took Rick out of normal everyday commission. It also took me out. Two weeks ago the physical therapist said something that is beginning to sink into my mind a little better. Rick was told that he had ‘plateaued’ and that only he could push through now. No amount of outside influence was going to make any difference, the choice was now his. (I am over-defining the implications for my application.)

I myself have been in a ZONE, just existing to ‘get it done’. The daily things that must be done, keep me occupied most of the day. I play in the garden for my therapy, (which is how the ‘Lymes’ disease got me) and have left off my writing to do what must be done, BUT I have sat at the computer and played Freecell, instead of writing. Letting my mind wander aimlessly. Some days frustrated, some sad, some just zzzzzoned…

When I woke this morning, realizing another day that the Lord has made, I heard the voice of the therapist, ‘only you can push through’, and I felt that the other voice was telling me to get back to working what is in my heart, head, and on my computer waiting to be finished and published. The Lord has been so very gracious and good to us and His people have come along side with the Spirit of Lord to bring us along so very far. We are and I am especially grateful. We never know ‘what a day may bring’, as Rick wrote yesterday in his blog, but I do know that each day the Father of all goodness and holiness is my Father in Heaven. He is protecting, guiding, directing in love and giving us the strength to go on and ‘push through’ the fog and the circumstances to benefit His kingdom and us.

This is the song I played first thing this morning as my heart was ‘pushing through’ to a new dedication and commitment in service to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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