I’m ready to GO…NOT!!!

That’s obvious to me in the circumstances surrounding us today. We are so accustomed to going to, and doing for, and being with people, that at this time in our stay on this celestial globe, the dead stop has given me pause from more than a thing or two. I’m always ready to bake brownies or cookies for any occasion. Ready to visit someone in the hospital. Ready to help someone move. Ready to share my garden crops with my neighbors. Ready for a fellowship meeting/salad supper. Host the annual block Christmas party. We’ve done that for more than a dozen years and having a house FULL of people yakking and laughing is a great joy to my ears. I can fall in the bed later with exhaustion totally content at having brought everyone together, finding out how everyone is getting along and just making the atmosphere pleasant for those around us. AND I really hate to miss church on Sundays and Wednesday morning Bible study.

What are you doing Lord? It is the question I ask most often these days. Some days I wake up and feel almost normal (for 68), but what is normal now is not what normal was. I tell myself, surely I don’t have Lyme disease. Then I remember, oh yeah, the County Health Department called to confirm it, after I got the blood work and notice from my doctor, and they reported it to the CDC in Atlanta. Some days are good, some not so…
Rick has some better than other days also, but mostly he is just ‘dizzy, off balance, foggy’ and we hate the damage done to his body, but are grateful beyond words that his mental faculties are in great working order.

We have to change our ‘perspective’ and wait with purpose. Our purpose in the economy of heaven right now isn’t real clear, but we walk it out day by day. Rick is working on another book (#3 since the stroke) and I have 2 in the works (slow works). Mostly we take one day at a time. Make our doctor appointments. Enjoy our visitors immensely and we pray for others. Thursday morning we have prayer with others here in our living room. I am still ready to ‘roll’ at a moments notice on anything that God calls us to, but I notice the ‘roll’ is usually just to the phone, or the neighbor, or someone rolls in to our sphere and we are available.

Living today with purpose…purpose to please the Lord and love others with the options we have. It’s not difficult to do…purpose enough for the day.

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One Response to I’m ready to GO…NOT!!!

  1. Ed Headington says:

    I think what you are describing IS hard to do, Melanie!! Especially one with your giving nature.

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