What is longer than waiting? Listening!!!

I’ve have three ‘blog’ ideas running through my mind, all at once and don’t know where to start. But I do know that if I start one, the words will come. I have written 3 books about ‘Listening’. What does it take for us to learn how to ‘listen?

We had a friend visit the other day. He had a dear old friend who told him recently on the phone, to ‘stop talking’. It stunned him, but he realized that he wasn’t ever listening to hear what was really being said, but only to form an answer and opinion of his own. He also realized that that was ‘not listening’. He also had felt recently that God was telling him to ‘be silent’ in a certain situation and wait. In silence, you do not have to defend your position. The scriptures tell us that God will be our defense if we put our trust in Him. (Psalm 55:22) (Psalm 9:10) …and a bunch of others!

What are we doing while we wait? Are we ‘listening’ for the voice of the Lord? Are we being silent long enough to grasp what God might be saying in our time of waiting? Are we busy trying this and that and whatever, to wriggle out of the waiting situation? Boy, I know I am. Everything I can do I am doing to research something, anything to benefit Rick’s physical condition and mine. I hate waiting, and being uncomfortable while we wait is wearing some days. Am I really ‘listening’ to hear God’s voice in the matter? Am I ‘waiting’ patiently for His salvation?

I’m still trying to wriggle out of the waiting period, trying on every thought to give God ideas how He should do this thing and what and where and when. I don’t think He is taking it lightly. I can feel the reprimand when I read the scriptures and listen to worship music. I am not the focus of our ‘life’, as we now know it. Nor is Rick the focus of our life. Neither should we be.

I don’t know the length of time Job suffered loss, but there did come an end to the waiting, but there was also a reprimand for the lack of honor due the Lord God in His sovereignty in the matter at hand. We are not nearly in as bad a shape as the many we pray for daily and often. They also wait for the redemption of their bodies and situations.

Waiting is not a static condition. We ‘listen’, ‘observe’, ‘take note of’ all that is going on around us while we ‘wait’. God may be doing something really phenomenal in the lives of others and in us. As we wait, we listen and see the hand of God.
Lamentations 3:26 It is good that a man should hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.

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2 Responses to What is longer than waiting? Listening!!!

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Thanks, Melanie, from a guy who doesn’t listen enough too!!

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