Good at the game…

Tonight Rick and I listened again to an interview with Bishop Robert Barron of California, now. He was Fr. Barron in Chicago about 9 months ago and we’ve listened to him for more than a couple of years. He’s interesting, a well read theologian, good sense of humor and has a firm grasp on his faith. He was presenting the topic ‘Both/And’. It was a good brain exercise for me. In the end he talked about his coaches, as young person. Learning to play sports. He wasn’t good at it until the coach taught him how to hold body parts to swing the bat and connect with ball and become a good player. Same as in golf he said.

I began to think about our teachers/therapists through our lives and particularly since Rick’s stroke. They are intent on getting their student/client to do the assigned activity as prescribed to make him a winner in restoring his bodily function. It brought to mind my teachers in sewing…they taught me to do it the best way to make it look the best, finished well, professional. I got real good at it and was able to adjust some things to my ‘left handed’ ways as I learned the proper and most efficient way to the end product. I continued to learn and ended up a pro. Being a southpaw made some things a little difficult at first, but it was like looking in a mirror after a while.

I needed a ‘both/and’ process in my life. The training and the experience that life gives. We are all in that category. We need both our teachers and our daily life to recognize success. Success not necessarily as the world sees it, but as God sees it. If I say that I am a Christian and do not look or act Christ like…hmmm. I must not only proclaim Christ, but live it. It’s both/and. Being taught, learning, knowing and showing.

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