Learning to dance…

To me, all of life is a dance of some kind. It’s learning to sway to the side, stop, turn, twirl, bow, bend with the circumstances. My husband is still, after 20 months, walking with a walker and leaning heavy on it because his sense of balance has not yet returned. In recent days I have been his physical therapist, using a ‘gait’ belt around his upper chest. I walked backward with a couple fingers under the belt and he holds my right hand with his unruly left hand and lets his right hand hand down by his side in a normal manner to use as a balance point if needed.

The past two days, I changed that up. No more ‘gait’ belt, too much of a hassle and it keeps me sideways in front of him so neither of us can see where we’re going. Now he places his hands on my shoulders and we are face to face. I like it, I love it. We are learning to dance, he is leading me with back steps. He is not leaning on my shoulders, just touching them and because I am walking backwards he has to guide me through the furniture and around the kitchen, down the hall and back. He is able to stand upright. He’s very tall. I love him. I hang on to his belt loops or pants pockets instead of the ‘gait’ belt. He is beginning to use his normal gait very well and we probably could do a little dance step sooner or later.

Everyday is a challenge for us right now. I am still looking for a Lyme Literate MD who is near enough to work with me, and Rick is still working on his swallow, speech and walking. We’re not old enough to be falling apart yet. We can’t see it at the moment, but there is a bigger picture in the season to come. The world needs Jesus. We may spend the rest of our days encouraging those around us, that the faith we have in Jesus in the midst of the circumstances, is the purpose, the end game so to speak, that He has called us to. So many sick, damaged, afflicted, unloved and who will go? Who will say a word of kindness and encouragement? Who will share the grace of His great love for us in so many ways? Who will pray and share the load of sorrow?

We will…and we will dance with joy here, in the not to distant future and there forevermore. Psalm 149: 3 Let them praise His name with dancing; Let them sing praises to Him with timbrel and harp. For the LORD takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.…

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