The miracle of the silver bird… and Where can I do my banking?

I don’t usually share my dreams with the whole world. I had one years ago about ‘pecan trees’ that meant a great deal to me when I searched out the meaning. There was another about having lost my right shoe, looking everywhere in a round building, through piles of pairs of shoes, while wearing the left, it was a humdinger in the revealing.

Tonight when we retired, we prayed, ‘as is our custom’. We’d had an incident early in the evening at Rick’s 4 pm feeding and it made me breakdown in uncontrollable tears. When he chokes, it is a major danger because his ‘epiglottis’ doesn’t work. It’s that little thingy in the back of your throat that covers the airway so you don’t ‘aspirate’.  If you aspirate your food, it goes down the airway and can kill you or give pneumonia and send you to the hospital in an ambulance. Because of his PEG tube(how we pour his food/medicine directly into his stomach) there is no way to do a ‘Heimlich’ without also putting him in the hospital. Anyway, I was rinsing something at the sink and he choked badly. I looked out the kitchen window and just bawled. The only problem with that is, if I cry, he cries and it did turn into momentary pandemonium. So he sat, while I stood next to him, hugging while we cried together.

All that information just to say that my dream somehow is connected to the prayers that connected to that drama (not fond of drama at this point in my life). I prayed, ‘Lord give us a miracle here.’ We prayed for sometime, but my words turned within the next sentence to the gratefulness for all the miracles that God had already given in this circumstance from the very day of Rick’s stroke. Starting with the fact, we already had a doctors appointment. All the generosity and outpouring of love along the way, even to this very day.

Rick can eat ice, but only the small air blasted cubes from Chick-Fil-A. I had been getting several glasses twice a week to make sure he always had ice and could practice swallowing along with keeping his mouth moist and staying hydrated. Lately anyone who was going that way would pick up 3 or 4 large glasses and bring it to me. Today a dear friend has arranged to bring us 2 large bags of the ice whenever I call. The manager of the store on the south end has agreed to let them pick it up in bulk in a cooler and bring it, already in bags which means I have a lot less recycling trash. Being halfway home bound myself because of the Lyme disease, I don’t have to keep figuring out who is likely to be able to get ice for us on a given day. Several people have had that ‘gift’ of love in their portfolio.

In my dream…we were watching a play and in the end the ‘prop’ manager somehow came up with a ‘silver bird’ of gigantic proportions that he was able to set on the top of the wall and it became the sign for the people of victory and assurance of peace. Lots of clapping and cheering. As we were leaving the theatre, we saw the prop man and congratulated him profusely for his ingenuity and accomplished special effects. He was pleased that we had taken notice. Then he asked a very plain and ordinary question. “Where can I cash my check in this town?” It was getting late in the day and I had only a vague idea if there was a bank open or if a bank would cash a check for someone without an established account. Someone nearby said, straight up that street and on the corner. I knew that to be a church.

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