Hooray for the buffet!

This evening Rick and I were discussing spiritual buffets. There is such a thing you know. Some are evangelists, some teachers, some preachers, some encourage, some help, etc.
What made the subject come to life for me was Rick’s ‘un-buffet-like’ menu since his stroke. So again the ‘stroke’ has made a difference in our thinking and our ability to see things in a different light or to say in other words, it is ‘a buffet’ of revelations we would never have received without the stroke.
Each morning and throughout the day, as we sit for him to work on swallowing, we listen to, or I read to him a devotional from the buffet available on the Internet. We usually read Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost for His Highest.” He is usually pretty tough on us long time believers, doesn’t give us any wiggle room. We read “Experiencing God Day by Day” from Henry Blackaby, who often gives us pause to think and repent. Then we have picked up recently John Piper’s “Solid Joys”. Some days I’m not to fond of what he has to say. Those are just the written ones. We also read RZIM page “A Slice of Infinity” written by several different, but very erudite apologists who give us a well-rounded diet of history, arts, and a firm education in the defense of our faith. These though are the ones I have to hear because I’m reading them out loud.
We also listen to “Pray as you go” by the Jesuits in England and the “Daily Office Lectionary” in the English Standard Version. (Psalms, Old Testament, New Testament and a Gospel reading) We also listen to Jack Hayford Ministries, Joel Osteen, Alistair Begg and Ravi Zacharias. I listen but can sometimes wander or even fall asleep.
Then we have Sunday mornings in church and I try to get to Wednesday Bible Study when someone stays with Rick.
I would say that’s quite a menu. A food buffet usually has appetizers, light and tasty finger food, bite size. Then the main buffet will have several side dishes and possibly several meats, seafood, main dishes. Not unlike our devotions…my ‘dessert’ is listening to or singing praise music at any given moment.
Today I began to vary Rick’s ‘nutritional’ drinks. He is up to 5 a day by mouth. It is not smooth. It is work and he sometimes has to cough for a bit and try again. That’s 40 ounces. I have been looking up soups and foods that I can liquefy at about 300 calories in 8 ounces. Tonight he had chicken vegetable noodle soup. Tomorrow I am headed to Taco Bell. A soft-shell taco has 260 calories. I can put in enough beef gravy to make up to the 8oz mark and emulsify it and bring it up to 300 calories and a thin enough liquid for him to drink. May our efforts to give Rick a buffet of food be as beneficial as our ‘Buffet of Faith’ continues to be in our lives.

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