Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

This morning as I sat on the edge of the bed trying to find my shoes in the dark, this verse hit me with new meaning. I have to put my shoes on before I go to the bathroom because my feet have so conformed to the Birkenstock over the years that going barefoot, sure footed mobility, except on sand, (aka the beach ) is uncomfortable and ‘unsure’.

Defining ‘conformed’…comply with, abide by, obey, observe, follow, keep to, stick to, adhere to,uphold, heed, accept, go along with, fall in with, respect, defer to…

That is a serious definition of how we end up living in this world. It appears that conforming can definitely mean that we have become a slave to and yes even worship, obey and follow an idea or behavior. When our minds and behavior ‘conform’ to this world, the way we see and hear people behave in public and on TV, we begin to ‘conform’ to what we see and hear. My feet are a slave to my Birkenstocks! I can wear other shoes, but these feet crave the comfort and security of those really ugly shoes.

Does your soul, sight, comfort, crave the ways of the world? Or do you fight the fight for faith and holiness each day? Our daily habits, ways of thinking and doing, can and do draw us away unless we make it a ‘habit’ to ‘conform’ to God’s Word. If we let up even for a day or two, we become unstable in our attitudes and behavior about what is acceptable in God’s sight. We stumble and are distracted by many things and might miss what God has been directing or showing us.

I experience this often and have the job of dragging myself back by the nap of my neck to the daily disciplines. I can’t let anything that is contrary or distracting into my daily life or it takes over. It is a battle.

Psalm 101:3 “I will set NO evil, base, vulgar, worthless, wicked, vile, thing before my eyes or listen to same.” (MLH version)

Paul speaks of all the things that came on and at him once he got his mind transformed, and it wasn’t pretty or fun, but he held fast. I’ve got it good, all I have to do is stay away from the news ‘conveyor belt’ (one news break a day keeps me informed but not obsessed), unholy language, and dazzling pretties. But I can also be like Martha who asked Jesus to make her sister Mary help her. I am busy about many things and this morning as I recognize it again that the time for me to be transformed is in the early hours of the morning while all is quiet on the home front. I have learned to set up for the next day before I go to bed the night before. I put everything in it’s place before I sleep, so as I say my prayers at night, there is nothing but gratefulness and committing my soul and body to rest.

“Each day has enough trouble, joy, distraction of it’s own”…(My (MLH)version of Matthew 6:34) God will give guidance, direction, comfort, joy each day. I need not conform to the ‘thieving conforms of this world’ and be sucked into worry and doubt. I choose because God gave us the freedom to choose. Choose well my friends what you allow in your life each day.

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