A Clear and Present ‘Option’…

Our clear and present ‘option’ is often a danger for us, when we choose without wisdom or knowledge, in a sense of urgency or immediacy. From the beginning, in the beginning, God gave Adam and Eve the freedom to choose and He gave them options. Options with life and death consequences. The majority of our ‘options’ are not that severe, but can be if we follow through by choosing our options without wisdom. Eve chose the one option that kills us to this day, ‘self”!

In every circumstance of life we have the freedom to choose, even in the best and worst of situations. For instance, if you are asked today; ‘Are you a Christian?’ and you answer; ‘Yes’! That confession can get you slaughtered or invited to give your testimony, depending on who is asking it at the moment.  BUT, the momentary conversation you have with yourself and the Lord of your life prior to the answer gives you the wisdom and resolve to do as God has called you to do. You can answer as an apologist; “In what sense are we talking ‘Christian’?” “Do I belong to a church?” “Am I living in a so-called Christian nation?” or “I am a follower of Jesus Christ.” Or you can say outright, “Yes”!

Fretting and constant verbiage on our part means we are not ‘listening’ and can’t hear or focus on what God’s options might be. His purpose is for us to choose the option that will bring about His kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our minds often get clouded in the immediacy of our circumstances and unless we are in the habit of ‘listening’ for the voice of the Lord, we narrow our options in a given situation. The God who created all things, imagines greater things than we ask or think. He has more power, wisdom, inventive ideas and time than all creation put together, He is infinite.
Have you ever been in a situation where the conversation is one-sided, everything is about the other person, unloading their issues, giving their opinion? You sit by quietly waiting to speak, to give an encouragement or even a solution, but they don’t take a breath or give you a listen? IMAGINE how God feels when we think and pray this way.  Don’t talk too much. ‘Listen’ and ‘wait’ for Him, the options will become evident. Most of our daily decisions/options do not have a past due date. Be ‘listening’ and ‘obeying’ everyday. See what God will do with a willing vessel, when we choose the ‘options’ He has for us.


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