Bad seed…

Bad Seed


Gardening has multiple revelations for me. We read about the parable of the good seed sown on thorny ground, in shallow dirt and in fine soil. (Matthew 13) We read about trees planted by rivers of water. (Psalm 1) While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease. (Genesis 8)

I have been pondering the seed today. If I can figure out how to get the picture I took attached and inserted it is apparent to me that there is a possibility that some seed is ‘not good’ and even ‘bad’. Some will not grow even in the best of soil. Soil is the ‘earth’ where we are planted.  In the mechanized packaging of seed these days some seed gets tossed out in the initial inspection because of a bad spot, formation, rot, damage etc. Some seed gets passed for gardener/farmer to plant, but there may still be some seed which will get through and be planted that does not bear it’s potential fruit.

The tray I seeded had the exact same soil in every pod. The seed had equal opportunity for watering and sunshine. So why the discrepancy? Bad seed? Somehow it was in the seed and nothing could save it. Some of the seed was just weak, came up a bit, but was not able to sustain growth. 3 of the green beans across the top came up, but I had planted 4. Only 5 of the cauliflower, 6 of the nasturtiums are going great and 2 are just starting to show near the stake sign. The bottom 2 rows…none of the lavender came up and only 3 morning glory, ONE strong one and either side pitiful. All kinds of reasons for and against the seed.

It has occurred to me in this season of my life, with the gardening as my therapy, that God is teaching me things I didn’t bother with before. The knowledge of the Word of God (which by the way, is the SEED sown in our hearts) is essential to maintain here on this earth. Lots of dirt here and we all have the same choices to make. Created equal in one sense, but our soil, our thirst, our adaptation, our cultivation are all contributing to the fruit we eventually bear. If we have no fruit, is it possible that we are ‘bad’ seed. Are we damaged too badly to be planted? Have we rotted from hanging around in the wrong environment? Are we too weak to sustain any growth?

Praise God, we are not seed. He is the gardener and He has made the soil and the seed and He sustains and produces the fruit. Let Him be your gardener today.

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