In the night season…

In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweet. God leads His dear children along; Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet, God leads His dear children along.

Chorus -Some thro’ the water, some thro’ the flood, Some thro’ the fire, but all thro’ the blood; Some thro’ great sorrow, but God gives a song, In the night season and all the day long.

Sometimes on the mount where the sun shines so bright, God leads His dear children along; Sometimes in the valley, in darkest of night, God leads His dear children along.

Tho’ sorrows befall us, and Satan oppose, God leads His dear children along; Through grace we can conquer, defeat all our foes, God leads His dear children along.

Away from the mire, and away from the clay, God leads His dear children along; Away up in glory, eternity’s day, God leads His dear children along.

The title of the song above is ‘God leads His Dear Children along’. I woke this morning singing this old hymn and traced it’s origin. It was written by C.A. Young and this is the result of my search, in the words of his wife.

“My husband and I were married while we were very young. God gave us a wonderful life together; he led us from day to day. We had so much of Jesus. My husband has died and now God has led me here, and I’m so excited and glad about it! God has uses me in this place. Isn’t it wonderful that God leads his children day by day and step by step? Many people come to this place and they are so sad and in such great need. They need help and comfort. I have been able to cheer many of them and lead scores of them to the Lord Jesus Christ. How thankful I am that God has brought me to this place, where I can be of so much help to these people!”

Rick and I have been through the valley, the flood, the fire and great sorrow, but we have found we have survived through the blood of Christ. His body, the church, has been our source and stay. Knowing Jesus and getting to know Him better has been our greatest joy. It has been worth it all and we have more opportunities each day to share the message of salvation, healing, restoration and joy with others. ‘In the night season’ is to bring light and life to others. We thank you Lord!

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