A to Zed…

While we wait for completion of Rick’s healing we have found inspiration in many ways. He has downloaded occasionally a gardening show from the BBC. It’s called Gardening from A-Z.
Tonight we watched ‘D’…daffodils-produce a medical juice used to make a tablet to curb Alzheimer disease. Delphiniums can grow to 7 feet or more. Daisies have more species than Carter’s have little liver pills and of all things dandelions, for soup, coffee and salad.

I learned a lot about them, but one lesson I learned took root in my spirit. Nearing the end of the program when there was a “Dahlia” contest. Many species also, that I had never seen.
There were 4 contestants left and their final job was to ‘dead head’ their group. Two men and two women. ‘Dead heading’ is a necessary pruning and cutting away from the plant everything that hinders the best growth. It makes the plant stronger and more prolific. The contestants had great gardens at home and were accustomed to ‘dead heading’ their plants of all kinds to make them produce more. Finally when they interviewed the man who won, what he said struck me. He not only was very fast at the pruning, but accurate like a surgeon, taking only what was not needed and careful to leave the section pruned able to produce.

He said, “I have done this since I was a child, my Father taught me and I worked with Him.”

So to make it very clear. The reason we live and succeed in our faith is because we have worked at it since we were children. I was 4 and Rick was about 10 when we gave our hearts to Jesus. I can’t say I was always the best or the most attentive child to the Father’s training, but along the way He has pruned and taken out the dead works and unfruitful behaviors. Little by little one step at a time, lovingly and faithfully, making me fruitful for the kingdom. If you are no longer a child, He can still make you fruitful. Read His Word, be in worship, talk with Him all the time. Prayer is nothing more than a conversation with God, but you need to let Him speak, and listening is hard work in this harried world. He will prune and cut away that which is unfruitful, unpleasant, unholy. Count on it.

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