Oswald’s Brothers keeper…

This morning Oswald Chambers again challenged me and I hope to challenge you and myself.

His title was, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and gave the scripture of Romans 14:7… “None of us lives to himself” or in my case ‘herself’. Some years ago I began to attend the Wednesday morning Bible Study at our church. When asked to attend by my associate pastor, I told him, ‘I went Bible College, been in church all my life, study the scriptures daily, read them…I really don’t need another Bible study right now.’ I had my own business and was writing books on the side, so busy, too busy. BUT then he said something that smacked me between the eyes. “Maybe you don’t need it, but because of your faith, knowledge, and experience, the others in the class need you to be there and I need you to be there.”

Our life in Christ is never about us and our desires. Christ in us, is the hope of glory, His Glory, not ours and if we are not available to others we are no good. We are like the lamp under a bushel basket, food without salt, bread without yeast, useless to the kingdom. I determined to go to that Bible Study. I have 5 four inch notebooks full of notes that I took on this laptop. I did it by hand for months. Took the notes, transcribed them, had the pastor edit them, printed them and passed them out the next week for the class. Having those notes made a big difference for some people. Seeing the lesson on paper and being able to apply Scripture to daily life made a difference. If I had stayed home, I would not have made a difference and brought glory to the Lord, AND I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends and loved ones in my ‘quiver’. (‘a container for arrows’- I call them straight shooters-honest and kind!)

Again, we are not here for ourselves. It is for the body of Christ that we minister ‘OUR PRESENCE’ to others. Of course it helps is we are kind and generous and loving.

2 Corinthians 2:15 For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.

Showing up is a huge benefit to the ministry of the body of Christ. ‘Our presence’ together makes a difference.

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One Response to Oswald’s Brothers keeper…

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Speaking as one of the recipients of your notes, Melanie, I must add that your notes were definitely a blessing to me, and I’m sure many others felt the same.

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