God is Love


Today several things have come to our attention in which we KNOW that only God can, in His great love and mercy correct, amend, stop, discipline, heal…

The first story in the Bible that came to my mind was ‘Jonah’.  God put a stop to his foolishness. Jonah was running away because God wanted him to do a job he didn’t want to do. He knew God well. His excuse in the end was, “I knew you were merciful and these guys deserved to perish.” Jonah’s opinion was strong, but God also knew His servant well.  It took a long ride in the dark insides of a sea creature for Jonah to capitulate. Don’t go there, God will win. If you want to be wicked and unreachable, He will leave you to your own devices. But if God has a plan, you can run, but you can’t hide.

The second scripture that came was the story of Jacob, wrestling/arguing with God’s messenger. Jacob was crippled the rest of his life because he wanted his own way, he wanted to be contrary. Give it up and live well. Surrender to God’s plan for your life, it is so much better for your soul. Allow Him to change you daily and instill in you the image of His Son.

The third, Daniel in the lions den.  Daniel was true to the Lord his God. He would not surrender to the world view being foisted on him. Daniel was going to pray to the Lord God as was his custom and no king or other worldly authority or government was going to change his heart toward the Lord.  So God stepped in and closed the lions mouths. Daniel didn’t even spend enough time in that lion’s den to miss a meal of vegetables, because GOD stepped in. The congress of the day could not destroy Daniel, but they and their entire families were brunch for the lions, and they never even hit the ground on the way down.

God loves you. He wants you. He desires the best for you and me. Submit to the will of the Father in Heaven and live. Live abundantly, even in need or want or sickness or health, hot or cold, clean or dirty; like Jonah running the length and breadth of a very large metropolis of ‘full out’ evil people, give the message of God’s love and watch others repent and turn. Watch God stop the lions, the agitators, and even the unwilling messengers.

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