Out of Season…

Have you ever felt ‘out of season’. We thought our life would be very different today.   What happened? The morning glories in the picture below are out of season. The seeds fell from a nearby planting (5 or 6 foot away) and dropped into the soil of the planter, it was unplanned, but none-the-less they are bringing blossoms out of season, beautiful ones at that.  We also have a pineapple currently growing ‘out of season’ and the lime tree, in December, has almost as many limes as it did in the late summer and early fall.

It’s been a warm fall in Florida. Today is the first day of a bit of a chill, due to be here ‘one’ day.  Too windy for a fire in the fireplace and next week at Christmas we will have a high of 75-80 in central Florida. No cozy fire, too hot!

We only appear to be out of season…God has a plan and we will bloom again. All nature sings to me today. Things seem a bit late in my opinion, but only God’s opinion matters. We are His and He is our help and salvation, the reason we live.

Gloryout of season

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One Response to Out of Season…

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Cool (no, hot – no cool!!!!) – Ed

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