Cross Contamination…

I almost don’t know where to start with this post. In the past few days I have again become aware of how ‘we’ think is often not how ‘someone else’ is thinking and we assume that we know what is in the other persons mind. It usually eats at us and we make matters worse by our attitude and our response.

This morning (5am-ish) it woke me. Toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels and myriad of other resources are a ‘one use’ items. In a hospital you find that ‘one use’ items are there for the safety not only of the patient, but the nursing staff, the housekeeping staff, visitors, etc. Lots of contaminated ‘garbage’ in a hospital. But there is a lot of contaminated ‘garbage’ in our thought life also.

Early on in our marriage, Rick and I would say to one another, ‘assuming is a sin’.  We did not know how each other thought and to assume we knew what was going on usually got me in trouble. I have the answer to everything.  (I have a bridge for sale, if you believe that!) Although scripture clearly states in Genesis 6:5 and Mark 7:21 that the heart and mind of man is continually thinking evil, the problem begins with “I think”. That was Eve’s position. God said they shouldn’t, she justified herself with the sight of how things looked to her and did what she ‘thought’ was best.

I have found that there are people who do not have an ulterior motive for wounding us. It is ‘our’ thought life that skewers our attitude. There are so many ways to see some matters in life and opinion, and everyone of them is backed up in our mind by our training, our personality, our wounds.

When we feel wounded by or pick up an offense from another person, we really have no idea why they said or did what they did to inflict that wound. Their purpose may have been to shield by default and in fact made it worse. When I see someone that has been wounded, they usually are quite defensive and I give them room for that to heal and sometimes can even give a little salve to help.

Do not ‘cross contaminate’ your life with carrying a wound that was unintentional. Throw that used tissue away. Flush it. Toss it in the garbage. Let every offense go. If we become wounded and continue to react to each offense instead of tossing it in the garbage, letting it get burned up in the rubbish heap, we become the ‘dump’. We become sick. We stay sick and begin to affect everyone around us, our spouse, our children, our friends. The positive way to interpret every encounter with others is to either “let it go” or address the issue with kindness. See where the other persons mind is on a matter. Don’t continue to contaminate your soul with bitterness. When bitterness takes root, there is no easy way to pull that weed. Jesus can and will help, turn to Him and let Him give you a better interpretation of your situation. Don’t let what others do and say become a ‘contaminate’ for your soul. Choose the way of the ‘cross’, bear it and let it go. You have no idea what’s going on in the other person’s head. They may be thinking that they are protecting you because they have walked where you are walking now.

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2 Responses to Cross Contamination…

  1. Melodee Herndon says:

    Wow!! Thank you!

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  2. Ed Headington says:

    What profound and good advice! Thank you.

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