Seasons of the Soul…

I usually post a song that crossed my mind during the writing of a blog or Facebook post, but today the ‘song’ itself is what drives me. I hope that it will translate and be a good link. The song is by Michael and Stormie Omartian. It’s an older ‘contemporary’ Christian song that they wrote about the difficulties and the joys of living a life dedicated to Jesus.

There are days when I wonder if the heavens are made of brass and other days when the evidence is quite to the contrary. Sometimes a good nights rest will clear the cobwebs of daily grind and give a view of the unexpected blessings and joy in the humdrum of ordinary life. There are many days now when we don’t have to go anywhere to see a doctor or get a test. Also, many days when we don’t have to have therapists. We do have some free time to do what we are able to do.

The ‘season of our souls’ right now is gratefulness and growth and we pray it will continue. Each day God brings at least one person to our home that we can pray for and encourage. BUT, it is just as likely that He will send others to bless us. Yesterday we were able to pray with a young woman about her needs, and someone else brought us a couple meals. Another couple pressure washed our back walkway. We had a lot of rain while Rick has been in the hospital the last month (25 days) and the north side walkway to our door was covered in mold and very slick in the rain. The value of these people in this ‘season of our soul’ cannot be  measured.

Every season of our soul should be a learning, listening, and blessed season. How we view it, is really up to us. Can we and do we see God’s hand in our ‘season’. I do see Him at work and I am grateful for this season that sometimes appears to be the long winter.  I know spring is coming and we will be growing into a new season of God’s grace. Growing takes stretching and reaching, but I’m ready when He is.

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