Blindsided and Blessed…

“When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!” Isaiah 59:19

We had a very restful first day home from the hospital after my husband’s colon surgery. The doctor had removed about 12” inches of the large intestine and declared Rick cancer free, no chemo or radiation. We arrived home the 6th day after surgery in the early evening and were whipped. I had stayed at the hospital except for a shower and change of clothes daily at home.

First a major brain stem stroke and now a cancer scare. I have often asked the Lord, in the last 11 months, “Is there something in me You want to change, that I’m not listening or paying attention to?” But then I remember His written Word to us as believers. Today the lead in scripture was fulfilled.

After that restful day, whap! Slap! Tackle! At 11:30pm Rick woke in unbearable pain. He had ‘feel good’ stuff in the hospital and we just had no idea that when it finally left his system some 18-20 hours later what was going to take place. He was doing so well, walking around the house slowly, but he kept moving, as anyone who has had abdominal surgery knows. You have to get rid of the gas or suffer. This went beyond that. I had not gotten the pain medication prescription filled. Every hour from then on was tough. He received some relief from 800mg of Ibuprofen, but it was short lived. He soaked 3 tee shirts and I monitored his temperature throughout the night, so I kept him hydrated. He was too weak to walk to and from the bathroom and we used the wheelchair. At 5am I lay down and went to sleep fitfully. Sometime near 6am I was up looking to see which pharmacy would be open first. The closest one was 7am. I was there when the door opened. Pharmacy was not open until 8. Rick is fine now, but here are the blessingS!

I checked Facebook while waiting for dawn, and 2 people who are dear to me had posted within the last few minutes. I called the one in Michigan, MY sister, she is a Nurse Practitioner. She just couldn’t sleep last night and answered on the 2nd ring. She told me to use an ice pack on his inflamed abdomen for 20 minutes at time and give him the Ibuprofen immediately. Within 15 minutes his pain level went from 9 to 2. The hospital gives you a 1-10 scale and he had never been more than 3 and waning. Mostly a ‘1’, so this was overwhelming for both of us. The other a friend in Texas who had similar surgery 8 weeks ago messaged me and we got some of the indicators laid out. Rick was going to be all right, just uncomfortable.

The next blessing came as an angel of a friend, who is also a nurse. She came as soon as I called this morning and stayed with Rick while I went to get the prescription. He had been throwing up from the pain and couldn’t be left alone. Soon he was calmed and re-hydrated and the ‘happy pill’ let him sleep. Then came the next angel. Home health care nurse showed up and she changed his dressings and made all the arrangements for his home care. She called the doctor and got a prescription for nausea and basically ‘fixed’ us up for the day. Then the next angel. Nancy stopped at the drug store and picked up the nausea Rx and brought it to us. It doesn’t stop there. I was finally able to lay down and take a nap about 3pm. At 5pm Rick was due for the next dose of ‘happy pill’ and I woke up just in time. Can’t beat a good afternoon nap.
I had left the door unlocked and mentioned to Rick that someone was bringing me a tuna sub for supper, so I had to wait up and take out the trash etc. When I turned around there was evidence that someone had been in the house. There was a small bag with 2 chocolate chip cookies, so I checked the fridge and sure enough the sandwich was there. The angel let us sleep.
Just now another angel showed up with chicken and rice casserole for tomorrow to share with Rick’s mom.
We are more than blessed and as the last angel mentioned, we are in America not Syria.

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