Drive-by Praying…

The media covers stories of a ‘drive-by’ shooting. This post is the equivalent in the positive direction, but none-the-less aimed and projected.

We have been on trips either for a day or a vacation and come upon an accident where clearly there needs to be prayer. Often the police and ambulance and fire rescue are there and even a tow truck already to move things along. We always pray for the wisdom and guidance of those helping with the disaster and especially for the victims of the crash itself, their families, the hospital and staff who will care for and repair those whose lives are involved.

Today we had a different ‘drive-by’ we were prayed for! We have a dear friend who usually comes to visit Rick on Friday mornings for an hour and pray with us. She herself is not well and has the option of staying home if she isn’t well on that day. Her faithfulness in prayer is not negated by her occasional absence. Rick had physical and speech therapy today. We didn’t do a whole lot in either case because on Tuesday September 8, he will have surgery for colon cancer. It is an early stage and will probably not, and we pray not, need chemo or radiation. It never-the-less is definitely another journey we would not have chosen to take.

The physical therapist is a Christian and was visibly shaken. We have forged friendships with the therapists, having been a regular for several months. He gave Rick exercises to maintain his leg and trunk strength after the surgery and some for balance that he can do without getting out of bed or uncomfortable in bed. We really appreciate that forethought on his part. Another of the therapists gave me their personal cell phone number so I could call them when Rick is out of surgery and we have the doctors report. Then we spoke with the speech therapist for a bit and she too was nonplussed. We were able to just share together our faith and the emotional roller-coaster that we have been riding since Monday, when we were given the news. I likened our ‘ride’ to David, the man after God’s own heart. David often seems bi-polar. David complains and makes lists of injustices, but he returns to God and God’s grace, repenting and again singing for love of his God, praises and worship.

Since we had therapy longer today and later, our friend who prays with us couldn’t make it. She has a limit on her stamina, so we drove to her house. She came out and sat in the van with us since it would be more than Rick could handle after therapy, and prayed for us. We are blessed because we did a ‘drive-by’!

Drive-by praying works well. We should all try it anytime we see someone in distress, alone, poor, crying or just bless them, as they go on their way! God is everywhere and we take Him in our hearts with us wherever we go.  He opens our eyes and hearts to the needs of those around us. So if it’s a ‘walk-by’ we might stop and actually physically make the prayer known, or a ‘drive-by’ where God meets those in need who are already being helped. Consider it a tool of God’s grace…to PRAY!


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