For some time I have wanted to address the difference between ‘leading worship’ and ‘entertaining’. I love to sing for so many reasons and I do know that I’m no Striesand or Evanko. Just this week I came across an article about how ‘singing is healing’ especially for those who have brain trauma. I haven’t had brain trauma, but Rick has. One of the things the therapists immediately did in the Rehab Hospital was get him singing and they would sing with him. It was great fun because he knows mostly hymns and they would sing along. Singing makes the brain work in so many different ways that the crossover is extremely beneficial for healing damaged cell structure and wiring.

In the article, there was a YouTube video of a deaf girl singing a song. It was beautiful, not real pretty to view or hear, BUT her heart was touched and her mind was focused and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Her heart was perfectly content.

It has been my habit to sing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I turn on the iPad and have 66 songs in my ‘favorites’ list. Starting with “I Sing Praises to Your Name”. I didn’t check it out thoroughly, but in the Psalms, (definition #1. A sacred song; a hymn) David mentions singing too many times to count. Just so you know, when or if you see me standing my chubby self in the front of the congregation helping to sing the songs of the church, I’m not there to entertain. My sole purpose is to praise God and help lead others to praise Him. A side track was rolling around in my head, when I woke this morning. The language of the heart and spirit, the Holy Spirit.  I wonder….how healing will it be to sing in the spirit…the language of the soul by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Oh yes, I am going there. We pray daily and we sing daily in our house, this would not be a difficulty and nothing could be more ‘applicable’ for us.

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2 Responses to I SING BECAUSE…

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Thanks, Melanie. Very well said. We have always thought the same way when we are singing in the choir.

  2. Debbie says:

    The other morning I did this exact same thing. So soothing to the soul. Everything from TobyMac to Brooklyn Tabernacle. Just what I needed in this weary heart at the time. This post totally made me smile, very thankful. I love you too. You have brought so much joy to my soul. A thousand thank you’s 💗💗💗💗💗

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