Confined to quarters..

Or under ‘house arrest’…or more accurately ‘house of rest’ today. Several hours in the night I was awake as Rick was coughing and choking. His swallow doesn’t work like it did before the stroke. It is now a huge effort and he has to work at it. We had tried feeding him twice a day, for an hour, a variety of soft foods. He loves the tastes, but it wore him out. The therapist suggested keeping it to a half-hour, and he does better.

It is raining like crazy here today and tomorrow according to the weather forecast. We are taking this opportunity to have a ‘retreat’ in our own home. In the night the Lord reminded me that Daniel prayed 7 times a day. Yes, it got him thrown in the lion’s den, but it also got him out unscathed, except maybe for the smell, but who knows, maybe God didn’t even let that bother him. The Lord reminded me that 7 times a day, I need to pour fluid into Rick’s feeding tube. SO, we are taking this Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26, 2015 as a retreat weekend. I can’t take Rick out in this ‘soup’, he can’t move fast enough and would be soaked to the skin before he got in the van. No one is coming to see us today. My sis is on the road to Atlanta and North Carolina, and Mom, next door, also is not good at dodging rain drops at 95. We will have a quiet day.

We started at 8am with all the normal feeding, blood sugar testing, blood pressure, meds, dressing change, and then I gave him a half cup of ice chips, which he ate while we listened to ‘Pray As You Go’ and the ‘Daily Office’.  We then went to our separate offices and did some private readings.  At 10am, while he ate another 1/2 cup of ice chips, I read Oswald Chambers, John Piper, Henry Blackaby and Jill Carattini. We prayed for widows, widowers and those who are alone. We are now back in our offices writing. It is quiet, no TV, no music, just the sound of the rain and keys on the computer.

Even if the Lord doesn’t speak something small or spectacular to us in these 2 days, we are sensing a healing peace that the regular daily activities cannot give. Our prayers are quiet, our surroundings are quiet and our souls are quieted. So very grateful for this much needed sabbath rest.

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One Response to Confined to quarters..

  1. Ed Headington says:

    Sounds like as good way to spend a day in this weather, Melanie. We too are having a nice quiet day listening to the raindrops on the roof!! Looking forward to our Monday visit!

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