Heart’s desire…

Each day I pray that God will make me a blessing to someone, anyone, everyone that I meet or speak to…this Scripture assures me that my prayer is answered.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. 5 Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.…

Some days I will get in my head to just do something unusual, not scary weird, but not the norm. Today was one of those days. We usually shop at a particular Publix, but since we live in ‘Publixville’ Florida, I have my pick of a dozen or more. I know the floor plan of our regular store and it’s the smallest, so when I’m in a hurry I can get what I need quickly and roll on. I don’t stay to long in the store these days, because Rick takes the ride with me,  just to get out of the house. He stays in the car and listens to the radio, unless we go to Sam’s Club where he ride a cart to his hearts content.

Today we went to a different store. It was a  ‘God thing’…and I knew it the minute we parked and it was confirmed the second I went into the store. Standing there reading the ad was a friend who was having a rough day. She has recently lost her mom and moved. She was sad. I was so glad to be able to hug her neck and chat for a bit. I couldn’t hang with her long because Rick was waiting, but I didn’t hurry either.  Hugging her neck one more time, I headed to the produce department, where I ran into another friend who lives about 2 blocks from my normal store. She needed to know that I loved her and missed seeing her. She had a ‘mini-stroke’ about 2 years ago and today she was smiling, but ‘it’ has left it’s mark, in that her balance is off a bit, but I hugged her twice and we went on our way.

I am thankful that God can use us in small ways to brighten, encourage, lift up and generally love on those we meet each day. The desire of my heart is to be so committed to Jesus, that at any moment, there may be a life that His love can change, through my witness of His great love.

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