Gracious gifts from God…

Lying in bed I remembered that my daily report on Rick’s progress had gone undone. (Too busy watching a new Hallmark movie.) But the thoughts would not let me sleep. Rick was able to down another 8 ounce bottle of nutritional liquid (vanilla shake, not ice cream!) with some choking but he did it. He also ate a pretzel and some applesauce. Sundays are a little different schedule, but we still have to do his feedings within a 12 period with his medications. Yesterday he was able to pour his own water down the syringe into the tube. As of today, he has done it twice more. Maybe by the end of the week he can try a feeding. Feeding does not go as fast. Water just shoots right through, but the nutritional liquid is quite thick and a takes a bit longer to traverse the hose. Each day we see progress.

He tried to walk across the living room today with his walker and his walking stick. He did pretty well for a few feet, but we will see how that works this week during therapy sessions.

The gracious ‘God gifts’ have been mine. For all the years that Rick has been a Deacon, I have sat alone in the congregation or with a friend. Today Rick sat alone. Back in August or September of last year I felt like the Lord was weaning me away from being a member of the worship team. I did not want to give it up, I love to sing, but I finally did.  Then in October for my birthday I entered the ‘taste of All Saints’ evening, and my entree’ was 7 kinds of fudge. There were BBQ’s, spring rolls, soups, desserts, sandwiches, about 30 booths in all. I never even considered winning, it was for fun and to raise  money for the bookstore ministry. It was October 24, Rick had given me a large birthday card 11×14 and had taped it to a picture in a frame in my office. (It’s still there) I won the ‘Judges award’. No one could have been more surprised. The judges were not church members and didn’t know me from Adam. The trophy sits on top of the fridge still today. One week later to the day Rick had his stroke. I was no longer obligated to Sunday a.m. singing and I sat alone in the front row on Sunday mornings, without the obligation of ministering to others, coming and going to the hospital without any interaction, BUT I could feel the love and prayers.

Today, Sunday, two of the worship leaders were not there. I left Rick to sit alone in the congregation, while I went to minister by singing for worship. I asked him first, he was okay with it. I didn’t want to leave him alone. The next gift…he wasn’t alone, only during the sermon. When I looked back he had a crowd, he didn’t need me and I was able to do something that really brings joy to my heart.

It’s after midnight. I spent time praying for Rick’s left arm between 11 and beginning this blog. His fine motor action has been damaged and it doesn’t want to obey his head. It shakes like he has palsy or Parkinsons. By the time I was through praying all God’s goodness and His gifts came to mind, and I’m asking again for Rick’s healing…

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