While I was sleeping..

While I was sleeping, Jesus was not! He was working, listening, watching, protecting, lifting up the fallen, receiving with great joy those who lost the battle with their temporal body and found their heavenly home. He was with Pastor Saeed in prison and the folks at ‘Emanuel’ AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. ‘Emanuel’ still means God with us. We are not alone in this world, if we are listening and trusting Him, the most dire of circumstances are in His control for the glory of God. Some wonder how God can get glory from the beheading of children in the middle east, or other atrocities around this temporal globe. I no longer wonder, I have to trust. He has proved faithful in the big and the small. In the darkest moments, the lifetime of trusting Him has pulled me through to MORE trust.

While I was napping this afternoon Rick wrote this ‘blog’ post. This morning in church, 8:50 service, Fr. Reid spoke about the Bible story of Jesus being asleep in the midst of the storm recorded in both Matthew 8:24 and Mark 4:38. Jesus words are the same when the disciples wake Him in terror for their lives…NOT, “sorry I scared you by falling asleep”, but “Where is your faith?”
Again and again it plays in my head, God had me write our own encouragement for this season, a year prior to Rick’s stroke. “Listening in Our Circumstances” was for me…but available to anyone who needs more encouragement in their ‘circumstances’.

There is an old hymn we sang in church as I was growing up, page 480 in the Celebration Hymnal. “Only trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him more, He will save you, He will save you, He will save you now.”  He will not only ‘save’ you from your sin, but for eternity as your Savior, He will be totally and completely aware of your every breath. I am His and He is mine, oh what ‘Blessed Assurance’. (another great old hymn)

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