Scratch and dent…

The Lord speaks to me the oddest things at the oddest moment. Today when we came from church around 10:20am, I immediately set about getting ready for Rick’s 10am feeding tube necessities. I also retrieved some ice chips, pear sauce and thickened water from the fridge. When I did, there appears to be a new scratch of maybe 3″ on the front of the stainless steel freezer draw of the refrigerator.  I had ordered a smaller refrigerator, and received a standard double door with bottom freezer drawer instead. When I told the delivery men it wasn’t what was ordered, once they had it in the house and I could see it, I was told they couldn’t take it back. The mystery was solved when my kitchen sink was late in arriving and Lowe’s had to research. The manager noted I had purchased my fridge at the north side Lowe’s. I did not, I bought it online. As it turns out the fridge was a floor model with some damage. I would have to point it out to you. To get me a fridge in time, they sent that one. IT WORKS great and only took $1.29 at Crowder Bros. to move the dining room light fixture over 7″.  The fridge was supposed to be counter depth and is regular depth, but I would never have spent $1700, got it for half and delivered free. The sink arrived shortly thereafter and was also damaged, but we kept it and used it. It’s an undermount sink and again, I would have to point out the damage.

Now for the ‘scratch and dent’. It is impossible for perfection in this life. We screw up regularly. Rick uses whatever is in front of him as a backstop for his walker, and before that his wheelchair. I decided I would rather keep him, than the perfection. 😉  The couch was a great stop for the wheelchair, and anything, cabinets, doorways, furniture, walls are fair game for the walker. I am NOT dissing my husband. We all live like that. We do what we can to accommodate our weakness. We are all in the ‘scratch and dent’ category. We are all damaged in some way. I have covered some of the scratched hardwood flooring with a couple small rugs. It can’t be perfect in this world. Our lives are not able to sustain perfection. Our room/life is staged for a photograph at one point, but it isn’t the reality and nothing can touch up the reality of our everyday life. Only in Christ are we being perfected. We are NOT perfect now. Our sins may be forgiven, but we all bear the scars of our rebellion in one way or another.

Some of us have over worked, over eaten, over indulged in ‘whatever’, and some have let others influence our behavior and thought life, instead of counting on Jesus to be our guide and healer, our all in all. We were originally created as eternal beings, sin does not change that. Sin changes the OUTCOME of the eternal being. WE HAVE THE CHOICE (many times a day) to make Jesus, Lord of our lives, to make Heaven our eternal home. The ‘scratch and dent’ you may see or remember in this life will be all gone and perfection will reign one day. Be there!

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