Block heads…

We often knock heads. Rick and I are both the eldest child in our families. We are opinionated (in case you hadn’t noticed-oh and a tad sarcastic occasionally) and freely give each other advice. It is not always said the way the other takes it and sometimes we seem to be speaking another language.

We are learning. We are learning that we are not ‘block heads’. We are ONE in Christ and ONE in marriage. SO, now I have come to the conclusion that we are a Rubic’s cube. We don’t have all the sides right yet, but we keep turning it this way and that trying to figure it out without damaging the others heart. Rick is very tenderhearted, me, not so much. I LOVE, but don’t need a kid glove. I have just enough of my dad in me to be kind and loving without expecting too much of others. That is like Jesus too, I believe. I don’t offend easy, but it does not give me license to be insensitive to others, particularly my own sweetheart who is not in perfect control anymore of his body.

I thank God everyday that I still have him. I try not to give offense or knock heads with him. Arguing does not work for me. I’ll walk away, but he will debate. So we work at our relationship daily. Do you think that’s what God has in mind? Maybe we need to work it out better and quicker. This circumstance might just be our ‘Master’s degree’ in marriage.

Ya think?

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