Miniscule demons..

Fire Ants…

I love working with my garden. I was laying awake trying to think of how to train my morning glories this summer to keep them from invading and choking either the lime tree, palm tree or the nearby green beans and zucchini. It will probably be a daily challenge. Pretty much like life. Raising children, training them each day in manners and public behavior. They and we have the tendency to go our own way without training and sometimes actually pruning.

The fire ants ‘got’ me the other day on my right hand ring finger, twice. I can’t say that I am any more allergic to their bite than most folks, they just leave their stinging, itching poison and make a miserable (small yes) but attention getting aggravation. I can’t train them. I can’t prune them and the only way to get rid of the aggravation would be to cut off my finger and I need my finger. So I deal with it as best I can.

Much of our lives have things that may or may not change. How do we cope? Number one, assess the situation. Two ask the Lord to give wisdom in either coping or changing. Three recognize our limit and His great goodness. The fire ant bites are much like the other things that come to us. We are irritated by them, but they don’t have to be our focus, even though they keep insinuating themselves by swelling, itching and burning in the middle of the night, or when washing or drying or touching. The point?

I am not going to let the ‘fire ants’ in my life to ruin my garden or my life. Eventually they will be a thing of the past. How I cope today with God’s help in the small things will determine how I cope with the bigger things, like Rick’s stroke. The garden in my back yard, all the incidents, accidents, events and even the fire ant bites of this temporal life can be a training ground for our life in Christ. We can be a witness to God’s great goodness and mercy, by being grateful for His grace in coping with the small things along the way, when the big things come along, He is there!

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