Beyond our scope…

No matter how widely read, well educated, brilliant we may believe we are, there is always something beyond our scope of knowledge. We all know that we can get sick and the doctors who are ‘practicing medicine’ know far more about any single condition than I could ever know at this point in my life. BUT, there are literally ‘millions’ of things that can go wrong with the body. I’ve seen the ‘eye’ commercial on TV about the human eye being able to see a candle light two football fields away in a dark night. I have also seen what a softball or a hard punch can do to an eye and still recover. With the same knowledge base, I know that a single blood clot in a capillary in the eye can blind permanently. I’m not a eye doctor, just ran into things like this along the way in life, bits and pieces of what we hear, see and tuck away in our knowledge base.

There are so many things I can’t know about how Rick’s brain is rewiring itself to help him begin to see clearly, walk and swallow since his stroke on October 31st. It is all beyond my scope. But this one ‘thing’ I do know, the thing is not a thing, it is a someone, our Creator who has nothing ‘beyond His scope’. He created our bodies with incredible healing ability. Each day I see improvement and am amazed at how God makes these bodies work. Basically, Rick is not sick, something just went haywire in his body and he had a blood clot in the brain stem. He doesn’t have a cold or shingles but his body still is having to fight. He’s tired, but very physically strong. He is weak in fine motor skills, but he can manage to get around in a wheelchair very well, dress and undress with no help, as long as he is laying on the bed. Upright he tips over and just can’t control the movement on the left side of his body. Beyond our scope…believing God, not so much for the ‘knowledge’ to KNOW the answer, as to accept that we don’t know and yet we trust Him each day to bring the necessary healing. We are ‘listening’ and God is definitely doing His work in a most interesting way.

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