I hope to return soon to ‘blogging’…as most of the folk who watch for these posts already know, my sweet husband of 40 years had a stroke on October 31st. We have been at Lakeland Regional Medical Center for 10 days and he is now at the Joy Fuller Acute Rehab center in Winter Haven Hospital.

He is alive, but cannot swallow and has a feeding tube. His speech is slurred and his eyes do not track together, so he sees double. His left side is not dead, still very strong but he is unable to make it mind his normal thought processes. He started to wipe his eye and slaps himself in the head. Every motor skill on the left side over reaches or does not respond. He will be in Rehab to retrain his body to mind. Kind of like ‘obedience’ classes you have to give your puppy if you want it to behave according to your rules.

Please say a prayer for us as we walk through this. It will be a long haul barring a straight up miracle from God.

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  1. Prayers, Melanie Hoover.

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