Happy birthday to me…

If you would have told me at this time last year, I was going to work harder in retirement than I had before, it would have made me laugh…I was so ready to not work hard. WELL! That was not up to me.

In October 2013, for my birthday, I received my first published book, a daily devotional made up of inspiration God had given, my husband, my brother and myself. If you opened my blog to read this, you saw off to the right hand side, that it was not the only one that I wrote. There are now 4 published and 2 in the process of editing to go to print and ebook. It’s work!!!  I have to remind myself that the purpose of my life is always to give a message of hope and inspiration for our life in Christ and that it is not easy, in the sense that it is intense labor, BUT it is easy to share what Christ has laid on my heart. God has birthed a new me in my old age. How ‘awesome’ is that? (I tried to find a synonym for awesome, but none of them relayed the true sense that ‘awesome’ does.)

In 2009 I had a dream about Pecan trees. After some research, the message I came away with is this, they produce fruit for 300+ years and are pollinated by the ‘wind’. I have often read books by authors from as many years ago as that. Works that were inspired through the wind of the Spirit of God. I have read many from 100 years ago that have changed my life, and then of course the Bible, God’s Word, written much longer ago than that. It is my goal in writing about my ‘faith in Jesus Christ’ and how I “LISTEN” and obey, that will preserve in my life and others the message of Jesus Christ for many years to come.

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