Fingers in the Pie

Sometimes there is just too much pie and not enough fingers. Pie is meant to be a good thing, the sweetest and best part of a meal or in my case the meat pie that is the sustaining drive of my life, to ‘listen’ and ‘discern’ and ‘obey’ what God has called me to. It isn’t easy.

So many Scriptures come to my mind each day concerning the priority of relationships. God is always first, others second. We recently reread the parable Jesus told of the ‘Good Samaritan’. He was on his way to do his own business, but he stopped along the way to do God’s business. Whereas the ‘religious’ and ‘pious’ were on their way…to do what? What was more important than that stop along the way? Had they considered, discerned the will of God in the matter? What was needful?

The Samaritan had business to attend to elsewhere, but on his way to and from that business he put his ‘finger in one more pie’.

A dear lady from the choir approached me as they were leaving the church building this past Sunday morning. She is a sweet lady and she wanted me to join the choir because she had heard me sing. “The choir has so much fun and we are a big happy family”. I smiled and said, “I only have so many fingers and my pie is pretty big already.” I thanked her for the gracious compliment.

What comes first? Where do we place our priorities? That very morning there had been a need in the earlier service and it never occurred to me not to help out. I jumped right in and it didn’t really take me out of my way, just a jog in the road for part of the morning, then I went on to my next piece of responsibility ‘pie’.

The ‘car show’ this past Saturday was a real treat for me. We don’t often do fun things at our age and level of responsibility, but again there was that slight ‘diversion’ in which God’s hand was clearly visible and I actually did have enough fingers for one more pie.

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