Diversions versus Focus

It’s been more than a week since I posted, “Something to Say”. The title here documents my activity since.

I am steadfastly focused on my spiritual formation and that of those around me. That being said, there are so many things that ‘divert’ our activities and thought life in just living day to day. Some of those ‘diversions’ are sent from God to give us opportunity to be “Jesus” to others. Since I love (seriously, nearly worship ‘order’) anything that diverts me from my focus on my personal relationship with Jesus and my time alone with Him, tends to be a problem for me. Diversions irritate me. Hmmm, how unlike Jesus that is! Some days I think, that if it weren’t for the diversions, I wouldn’t know how badly I need Him.

We had a nice diversion today. We went to a car show downtown. The weather was perfect AND we saw a dear friend who lost his wife suddenly just recently. He had in tow his eldest son, and his wife who is large with child and the grandson. NOW, did we need to go to the car show for the ‘fun of it’? OR did God send us to the car show to hug and comfort and talk with this friend? I did so enjoy the car show, but what has stuck with me is how important it was to be there today so Jesus could hug our friend. A lot of diversions that come my way I shall now see in a different light.

If I don’t have the opportunity to write this ‘blog’ and lift Jesus up as often as I would like, it will have to be. The diversions of life are spreading Jesus in me in diverse directions and I must follow.

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