Easy ‘NOT’ to ‘LISTEN’…

We read a devotional this morning by Pam Stephens in “The Journey”.
It confirmed to me that the entire world is distracted. The technology of our day not only distracts the person who is ‘texting’ or ‘checking facebook’ while supposedly ‘listening’ to a speaker or teacher, it also distracts those around them. It is sometimes easy to lose interest in the speaker, but are we also tuning out the voice of the Lord?

Dan Rather once asked Mother Teresa what she said during her prayers. She said, “I listen.” She had lots of visual and actual needs that surrounded her every moment, but ‘listening’ was the still most important thing. God will set our priorities if we take time to ‘listen’.

How do we ‘listen’? Do we ‘listen’? I am grateful for the ‘listening’ aspect of my spiritual formation. It has made all the difference. How do we ‘listen’? I’m not just repeating the question to hear myself talk. You and I must learn to hear the voice of the Lord as Christians to be effective witnesses of the Gospel. We ‘listen’ through reading Scripture, through fellowship and worship with other believers in a corporate setting and most importantly through the Holy Spirit, in prayer, as He makes God’s Word come alive in our hearts.

The premise of my first 3 books is “Listening”. The Scripture on the back of the devotional “Listening for His Voice”,  is God speaking to us as believers and disciples.                    Mark 9:7 “This is My beloved Son, ‘listen’ to Him”.
The second book, “Listening Still -learning to hear”, and the third “Listening in our Circumstances”, each giving us a bit of coaxing in the direction of actually ‘listening’ to the voice of the Lord, which in practice consists of ‘hearing and obeying’.

Thomas a` Kempis prayer: “Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening. Incline my heart to your words, and let Your speech come upon me as dew upon the grass.”

In the dry seasons of life, as with grass, the ‘dew’ keeps the grass alive, the ‘listening’ keeps us alive.

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