Change Irritation

To write my ‘blog’ I had to change. Within the last few weeks they have changed the format and it is different and I’m learning. Technology changes almost daily. I have an iPad and an iPhone, they talk to each other. Scary!!! But one thing about ‘CHANGE’, it is constant and a ‘sure thing’. You can actually bet on that.  People change. People who have power change the circumstances on a regular basis. If you doubt that, think about our government right now. It used to irritate me nearly to distraction but lately it seems less and less obtrusive in my mind and life. Being ground in the SURE and ‘never changing’ Word of God has become my foundation. God never changes, He is always love. He is always just. He is always there even when we don’t feel Him with us, when we make Him Lord of our life.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit bring us an inner peace through the knowledge of the Word, prayer and worship. In the evenings I often turn on the technology to Youtube and ‘listen’ to worship music as I write or do whatever needs to be done at my desk. Often I am brought into a place of worship with tears of gratefulness stream down my face. I am a ‘huge fan’ of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. This past week I found out the requirements for being a member of this fantastic choir and now when I ‘listen’ to them, I am more attentive and more worshipful. Some of the best singers are turned down because their lifestyle is not holy. They only want worshipers in their choir. Imagine that!

There is a difference between a song leader and worshiper. That difference makes the ‘difference’. Myself, I can do without the flash and dance, but the joy of Lord and the holiness of our worship needs to be evident in our daily life, in our home life, in the grocery store, on facebook, at work, when we get a flat tire or a dead battery, when a friend dies, when the ones we love are suffering AND even we ourselves are suffering. A sound grounding in the WORD WHICH NEVER CHANGES and THE GOD WHO NEVER CHANGES makes the difference.

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One Response to Change Irritation

  1. Deb Maatman-Fink says:

    Very meaningful to me. I too have come to realize my comfort, my strength my everything is in God. The world is pressing on me but God is the BEST cornerstone. I cannot let the affairs of the world side track me from living a life for God. He has blessed me with being my father.

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