I love Wednesday

I love my church family and enjoy being with them anytime. Wednesday’s are special. At about 9:30am I head over and make sure everything is ready for the Bible Class that meets in the largest classroom, and starts at 10:30. Our associate pastor teaches the class. He is exuberant to put it mildly, he’s young and energetic and knowledgeable. Tomorrow morning October 1, we will study, ‘Acts 23:1-11’.  We have about 30 people who come each week.

Often when I read the Scripture assigned for the day, and glance through a commentary or two online, I get the drift of the context and the value of the lesson to learn. BUT, it always helps to have another perspective. We don’t all think alike. We don’t all have the same perspective due to our backgrounds, gender, education, talents, creativity, etc.  So joining with others to hear, ruminate, see and participate in an ongoing study of God’s Word with others multiplies our vision of the kingdom and God’s purposes for His body, the church.  It would be nice if everyone could live in Lakeland and come to our Bible Study, but y’all live everywhere, all over the country and some around the world, SO, this I say. Find a place to study, delve into, connect with the Word of God in community. The Word is our COMPASS for life now and eternity. Don’t stay lost, don’t get lost…check the directions daily and follow where He leads.

See you in Bible Study!

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