Sudden Storm…

Last night we went to bed about 10pm. I had checked the weather and radar and there was no weather even close to us, BUT, if you live in central Florida particularly, you find the so called ‘clap’ of the sea and gulf breezes can impact the weather significantly.  At 11pm I was awakened by a sudden storm. The wind was whipping furiously and the rain was dumping like Niagara Falls. Then I heard our patio umbrella take off. I had forgotten to put it down. I had been lulled by the milder rains that had come lately without the high winds.

When I got up to find the umbrella in the rain, it was nowhere to be seen. It has 3 times before taken flight over the 15 or so years we’ve been in this house. Once it landed in the crepe myrtle next to the drive, once the umbrella and the table smashed into the A/C unit, and another time in the neighbors yard. Rain was dumping as I looked out the door, nothing. So I went to the front window and there it was on the front lawn still open, but upside down in front of the giant scheffalera plant. It had not hurt anything, but it was looking about to take off again because of the wind.

Long story short, I went out in the storm and wound it down, picked up and set it out of the way until morning, pretty much as I have this ‘blog’, that formed in my head as I lay back down after drying off. Rick had slept through the whole event.

Immediately as my head hit the pillow I thought of the stormy seas of life. There are several examples in Scripture, one is where Peter gets to walk on the water and then takes his eyes off Jesus and sinks down into the waves, the other is while Jesus takes a nap in the disciples boat. Both cases, everything turns out great, because Jesus is there. In the storms of our life, we must have Jesus with us or we will drown. The conditions and circumstances of this temporal life can take us down. Only Jesus can save us…and He even saved my umbrella.

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