Uncomplicated faithfulness

We went to a funeral this morning of a woman of God, who throughout her life was straight-forward and faithful. There were about 800 people there to witness her faithfulness. As a young person she knew the Savior and served Him. As she grew in His grace and knowledge through an intimate relationship with Jesus, her grace became a living example of God’s grace to others. She spent time in PRAYER, FELLOWSHIP and THE WORD!

She was an educator, a pastor’s wife, a mother of 4, grandmother of a ‘bunch’ and a great gran also. Creative and contented with her place in life, serving her Master in love and faithfulness, she blessed her family and many many others. What a testimony of faith! I know that the day she met Jesus she was just bubbling over with joy to finally see Him face to face, and then she probably checked on us!

It was her nature, she had her way in a lot of things that probably set some folk off in a tizzy, but God’s grace was always on her face. I don’t remember, but one time, in all the years I knew her that she wasn’t smiling and she was not so much angry as just plain sad at the circumstances that life was bringing. She rebounded and never doubted God’s grace.

Lord, let us strive to serve you in such an uncomplicated faithfulness, that when our time comes to leave this earth, we leave a legacy of souls won to Jesus by our love, kindness, prayers and faithful smile.

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