God’s Carrot and Slot machines..

What is the draw? This morning during devotions we talked about an article Rick had read concerning the gambling industry. Between 80 and 85% of all revenue for a casino comes from the ‘slots’.  They are ‘high tech’ now to draw even more computer savvy players. The chair they provide is very comfortable, legs don’t go to sleep and backside is comfy. The gaming device is now a bit more private, like a half cocoon and the screen of course is digital. You can bet with money, debit card or credit card discreetly. You can bet on two or three or more lines either side to side, up down, diagonally. (similar to Jewels game) When you place your bet, say for a $1.00, you push the button and maybe you win. If you win 50 cents, you win, BUT you paid 100 cents, lost 50 completely. There is a draw to WIN and win big, but there is no pay off, just pay out. (He read this, we are not going to test it!)  Not much incentive for a thinking person.

God has a draw with a real payoff.  God’s ‘carrot’ is more like a ‘caret’. The prize is priceless. You’ve seen the ‘priceless’ commercials.  Much like the cocoon of the newer one armed bandits, our prayer closet has a place of spiritual and emotional excitement. All we have to do is invest our time and attention in our relationship with Jesus. The pay off is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and a real good one ‘Self-control’. This last one is totally lacking in the gambling business. Jesus is no gamble. He is the only sure thing in this life and the next. He is our provision, our healer, our creator, our everything we could ever need in this life.


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